Wednesday, November 7, 2018

 Choose the Sunday that you would like your week to begin from the available  dates below.  Remember or write it down.   At the bottom of this page, click "Reservation Form" to request that week for you family.  
               (Dates highlighted in RED are already reserved)   

You will receive confirmation for your selected date within 36 hours. 
Collect the Crucifix AFTER either of the masses for your week      (Saturday or Sunday).  It should be on top of  the AMBRY (the large glass case in the sanctuary holding the Holy Oils.)   If it is not there, speak to the deacon of the mass, or contact Deacon Marvin (309-825-0662).  It must be returned to the Ambry before 4:0 pm. Mass the following Saturday.   There are additional directions and other information in the Box. 

    Thank you for participating in this important ministry.




                Reservation Form